Edie Sedgwick Meltdown


A painting dedicated to the legendary Edie Sedgwick.
An aspiring artist, actress, and a model. Edie was a troubled rich girl who inspired other artists and impressed everyone else. With her peculiar style and dancing, Edie fascinated Andy Warhol, and the two began one of the most iconic, and controversial, creative partnerships in the art world that was extremely popular and intense throughout 1967.
The best description of Sedgwick comes from Warhol himself, who wrote in his 1980s memoirs, Popism: The Warhol Sixties, that “Edie was incredible on camera – just the way she moved. And she never stopped moving for a second, even when she was sleeping, her hands were wide awake. She was all energy; she didn’t know what to do with it when it came to living her life, but it was wonderful to film. The great stars are the ones who are doing something you can watch every second, even if it’s just a movement inside their eye.”

Acrylics,Oils and Spray paint on 80×80 cm canvas